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Everything You Need to Know about Getting Your Home Inspected Before Selling

Fort Worth, Texas, is a vibrant city with a rich Western culture. It is home to many museums, including the famous Kimbell Art Museum and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. Residents and tourists can enjoy the Stockyards Historic District, which provides a glimpse into the city's cowboy past, and explore the walkable downtown area. Beyond the cultural offerings, Fort Worth also provides opportunities for outdoor recreation, including golf, lakefront sports, and hiking and biking trails.

A home inspection is likely on your to-do list if you want to sell your Fort Worth home. A home inspection is a property evaluation performed by a professional inspector who will visually examine the home's structure and systems. A home inspection aims to pinpoint any potential issues with the property that could require repairs or maintenance. Here's what to know about home inspections before selling.


There are distinct advantages to having a home inspection before selling. In addition to providing an objective assessment of your home's condition, it can be a valuable tool moving forward.

Identify and fix problems before selling

By getting a home inspection before you sell, you give yourself the opportunity to identify problems and make repairs before potential buyers see the property. This can save you time in the process, as issues can be resolved before putting the home on the market. Repairing any problems found during a home inspection can increase your home value and make it more attractive to buyers. Overall, a home inspection is a crucial step to take before selling your home.

Negotiate better terms

Another advantage to having a home inspection before selling is negotiating better terms with potential buyers. If issues are found during the inspection, you can fix them beforehand or negotiate a higher price with the buyer. Negotiations often improve when you have support for your claims that your home does not need significant repairs. You can feel confident in your terms and know your home's value and condition. By addressing any issues beforehand and being transparent about changes or renovations you made, you can instill confidence in potential buyers and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Avoid setbacks

Avoiding setbacks is crucial when preparing your home for sale. After scheduling a home inspection and identifying issues, it is important to take appropriate action to address those issues. If you fail to make necessary repairs or updates, potential buyers may request a lower asking price or, even worse, back out of the deal entirely. To avoid these setbacks and ensure a successful sale, addressing any issues found in the home inspection before listing the property is recommended.

Confidence in your selling plan

Selling your home can be stressful, but having a solid selling plan can instill confidence in the process. A home inspection is a crucial step in that plan, as it allows you to identify potential issues with the property and take action accordingly. If you want to sell quickly, you may choose to forgo renovations and sell at a lower price, or if you want to make a high profit, you can fix issues found in the inspection report adding value to your home.


While there are certainly benefits to having a home inspection before selling, there are also a few potential drawbacks to consider.

Delayed selling timeline

One potential drawback of having a home inspection before selling is that it can delay your selling timeline. If extensive issues are found during the inspection, repairs may need to be made, which can take time and delay the sale of the property. It may take more time and cost upfront to fix problems, but it can make the rest of your transaction smooth.

An additional cost

While a home inspection can provide many advantages, it is essential to note that it does come at an additional cost. A home inspection can cost anywhere from $200-$500, based on your home size and inspection needs. The upfront cost can ensure a seamless process once you start negotiations with buyers and prevent surprises. By investing in a home inspection upfront, you are protecting yourself from potential financial setbacks. The peace that comes with knowing the condition of your property can be well worth the cost.

Is a home inspection right for you?

Ultimately, deciding to have a home inspection before selling your property will depend on your unique situation and preferences. If your home is relatively new, you have completed recent substantial renovations, or you have already addressed any issues that might be found during a home inspection, you may not need one. On the other hand, a home inspection can be a valuable tool if you are unsure of your home's condition or want to be as prepared as possible for negotiations with potential buyers.

How do I schedule a home inspection?

Once you decide on a home inspection before selling your property, the next step is to find a qualified home inspector and schedule an appointment. You can ask your agent, family, and friends for recommendations or search for certified home inspectors online. Once you have found potential inspectors, read reviews and ask for references before making an appointment. Choosing a qualified inspector who will provide a thorough and unbiased assessment of your property is important. You can speak with candidates via phone or email about your unique property and determine the best services for your home.

Find an expert realtor to support your journey

If you are considering a home inspection before selling your property, enlisting a trusted realtor's expertise may also be helpful. A realtor can help you make essential selling decisions, such as determining your home's market value and advising on necessary updates or repairs. From an inspection to creating a listing and marketing your home, you can feel confident navigating the home selling process successfully.

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